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It’s really sad to me, people’s inability to connect or rather, the deliberate choice not to. And being so fucking judgmental, too judgemental of slight actions and words. You really thought you knew what I was all about even before you really knew me. And you put yourself on such a pedestal. But really, you have nothing to show for. No real substance. And omg, It’s so funny.

I feel slightly bad for you, actually. And It’s just a shitty feeling that I had to be a part of your shit storm. Who does that? I mean who goes so out of their way to DO that? What the fuck, man. The worst part is, I think the whole time you knew. You knew. How you felt. But you didn’t tell me. You didn’t tell me. At all. And I was just dragged along to believe something completely utterly wrong. I mean how else did you expect me to feel? I guess words do fall short and can mean absolutely nothing at all.

life is life is life is life. and it’s so good.

Note to Self #356

Do not lose
your sense of self
by elegantly placing
yourself upon a shelf,

misplaced among
the genre of
same books.

in solitude,
you show the most.

note to self #237


i am here. here. here.
not there or anywhere
but here.

start living it.

I just, don’t want to
compete for anyone’s

For “love”,
and the pursuit of it
has left me feeling

Fact is,
I am an underdog.

I will care more for you
than you for me,
as my journal entries
have proven

Truth is,
I want a love made
just for me

more than just
some glitter
and temporary

The Red of My Eyelids

Closed tight,
sunlight eyes.

The daytime,
more intimate.
No dark, dimly lit
bar lights to hide

The clutch of round
after round of drinks,
pouring down into
our throats and
straight to our heads,
and our hearts.

But, I’m not sure
how else to be
with you.

It seems you pour yourself
into me, only once
you’ve finished
your wine.

I could be wrong.
it’s just harder for you
to reveal without

the clutch of round
after round of drinks
hidden behind
dark, dimly lit,
bar lights.

romanticize, romanticize

i’m convinced that
i fall in love with a little bit
of everyone’s little bits
of secret beauty that
they let be known,
disclosed without
even knowing so

i love your flaws.
especially the one’s
you’re probably not aware of,
nothing big
perhaps not even flaws
just the way you are

in your
eccentric, quirky,
talented, humble,
weirdness way.
i guess by flaws
i mean uniqueness

the way your existence
almost challenges
the normative status quo
of how people ‘should be’
if that makes any sense
at all because it does to me

I don’t really like boys
but you are my type

spring semester

eclectic friends,
fewer house shows,
my all-girl band.
aloof potential
love interests,
punk-hippy dippy,
infamous, big eyed,
art metals girl.
coffee more
than water,
poor diet.
later nights,
lack of sleep.
falling out, back in
and out again.
meeting you.
a new smell.
missing her,
not missing her.
first time therapy.